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Concrete Repair Method

Mudjacking is an Effective Concrete Repair Method

Mudjacking also known as slab jacking, is a method for lifting, leveling and restabilizing sunken concrete slabs. Uneven or sunken concrete is unsafe and unsightly, but it isn't difficult to repair. Sunken concrete is caused by soils that are compacted by the weight of the concrete, natural compaction, through water erosion or freeze thaw cycles. This damage is quickly and easily repaired through a process called mudjacking.

Concrete mudjacking is a process in which concrete containing slurry is injected below sunken concrete slabs in order to raise them back to their original height. It is a very efficient, precise and cost effective way to fix your concrete  sidewalks, walkways, driveways, patios, basement floors, pool decks, and steps. If you have any sunken concrete slabs, mudjacking is a quick and easy way to fix them.

We'll level your concrete and save you money!

What is concrete mudjacking?

Mudjacking, also referred to as slabjacking, concrete raising, or concrete lifting. We come to your home, drill small holes in the concrete slab that is uneven, and then pump a slurry (also referred to as grout) mixture of water, sandy soil and cement beneath the concrete slab in order to raise it up. As the slurry fills the space beneath the slab, it pressurizes and lifts the slab up to its original position. The entire process takes just a few hours. Your concrete slab is ready for use again within a day.


Is Your concrete a candidate for Mudjacking?

Just about any poured concrete slab or structure is fixable using concrete mudjacking. Concrete patios, floors, sidewalks, driveways, and stairs are commonly repaired using mudjacking. Concrete mudjacking is also an effective repair method for basement or garage floors. Anywhere you've got sunken concrete, concrete mudjacking can fix your problem.


Mudjacking Saves You Money.

The easy process which mudjacking raises and levels your sunken concrete slabs, means it's also much cheaper than replacing them. In fact, mudjacking costs about half as much as a new slab. The savings are even higher when you add demolition and removal of the old slab, which can be costly.

These cost benefits have made mudjacking the concrete repair method of choice for raising concrete that has settled and sunk into the ground.

Benefits of repairing concrete.

Sunken concrete often directs water toward your home causing foundation leaks and damage. Tripping hazards in sidewalks, walkways, steps, porches, driveways and pool decks are a potential legal liability. Uneven concrete in driveways, steps and sidewalks decrease home value. Mudjacking slows or stops deterioration of structures and pavement. Looks better than patches or new concrete that does not match. It is much faster than tearing out and re-pouring new concrete.
Often, 50-70% less cost over replacement. Lasts as long as the original.

You'll save yourself money over pouring a new slab, and you'll be surprised by the quick, and effective results.