Liftec Inc. - Mudjacking and Slabjackign Concrete Since 1999

Driveway Mudjacking

Once a concrete driveway is lifted and leveled secondary settling is usually non-existent. The water now drains properly and the concrete driveway looks good.

We raise and level sunken concrete driveways & garage floors

Mudjacking offers effective repair for concrete driveways and garage floors

Is your concrete driveway or garage floor uneven, sunken, has tripping risks or draining water improperly toward your home? Then Liftec can mudjack / slab jack them back into proper position at far less cost than replacing.

Look at our before and after pictures that illustrate the end result of Liftec' mudjacking and slab jacking expertise.

Please feel free to get our opinion. Most concrete driveways and concrete garage floors have sections that can be repaired.

It is less cost to repair the concrete driveway and garage pads that can be repaired and only replace those that are too far gone.

Call us first before you replace any concrete in your driveway and we will give you our opinion on what your best course of action is.