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Photos courtesy of the Iowa Department of Transportation

Mudjacking/Slabjacking History

Mudjacking is used as an effective concrete repair method when the concrete needs to be raised and levelled.

It is very cost effective, fast and the results are excellent.

Please explore our site and discover how our mudjacking service can be your best method of repairing your concrete.


The method of slabjacking / mudjacking was developed in 1929

Some of the first mudjacking machines were manufactured by the Koehring Company based in Port Washington, WI. The mudjacking machine was developed over 65 years ago.

Concrete slab structures are rigid and durable if properly constructed, and depend largely on their support or base for maximum life and service. For various reasons, voids sometimes occur beneath or around the slab structure causing slab failure.

To alleviate these conditions the Mud-Jack machine was developed. It is now a time - proven, cost effective means to restoring concrete slabs to proper grade.