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Patio And Porch Mudjacking

Our mudjacking service can lift and level your patio, porch or concrete deck.

Concrete patios, porches and decks heave, sink and become uneven over time. But they can be fixed! With Liftec mudjacking, concrete patios, decks and porches can be fixed at a fraction of the cost of replacement.

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This front porch needed to be raised a few inches and levelled, plus it needed to be raised enough to drain water away from the house.

Many homes and businesses have a concrete porch or patio which has moved over the years. This is a very common problem. Once it is raised and levelled odds are high it will remain in place for many many years.

After mudjacking, the porch was raised to proper height and water drains properly.

One of mudjacking strengths is restabilizing the ground under the concrete slab.

Patio Mudjacking Before

This porch runs along the house and needed to be raised by the window.

Patio Mudjacking AfterAfter

The porch was raised to the exact height needed. Mudjacking is very precise in the distance it can raise concrete.