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Pool Deck Mudjacking

Liftec Mudjacking can raise and level your sunken pool deck.

Liftec can repair your concrete pool deck for much less than replacing it. We have many years experience fixing concrete pool decks. 

Are you concerned about you or your friends tripping and falling on your pool deck? Fed up with an uneven mess? Can't stand the concrete heaving because of the cold, making your smooth surface look unsightly and dangerous to walk on? If you answered "YES" to any of these questions, then we have the solution for you!

Pools: Concrete pool decks sink or become uneven over time and need to be raised and levelled.

This pool deck needed to have sections raised and graded. The costs of replacing the pool deck were quoted quite high. The homeowner did some research on the best ways to repair pool decks and found us. They are very happy with the pool deck and saved thousands over replacement.

The deck is repaired and looks good and is stable.

Liftec can in one day safely and efficiently raise and level your concrete pool deck. Our method, traditional mudjacking, is completely environmentally friendly, leaves no mess and lets you use your pool and deck immediately after. You may also choose polyurethane pool deck lifting and leveling, however we normally recommend traditional mudjacking for pool decks.

This deck sunk and needed to be lifted back into position.

The pool deck is now back into proper position and we have a happy customer.

When you use Liftec to repair your pool deck by raising and leveling it, we will service you in a timely and professional manner while saving you money! Time savings, faster than the outdated concrete grouting solutions. Project work completed in hours, not days or weeks. Cost Savings Up to 75% less than replacement cost. 

Predictable results, many successful projects and satisfied customers. Safety, clean, organized worksite. Environmentally safe.

This is a very common problem with pool decks. But it is no problem for us to fix.

See. Nice, even, safer and better looking pool deck than before!

Give us a call. We can answer any of your questions or concerns about your concrete pool deck!

We raise sunken concrete pool decks. We level sunken pool decks and we save you money. With polyurethane slabjacking, or traditional mudjacking.