Liftec Inc. - Mudjacking and Slabjackign Concrete Since 1999

Repair Your Sidewalk or Walkway

Liftec mudjacking service can often repair your cement sidewalk or cement walkway for less than half the cost of replacing. Our process (mudjacking) raises and levels your existing sidewalk or walkway. It takes only a few hours and they can be used as normal almost immediately.

The benefits of mudjacking repair are:

  • Much lower cost.
  • Faster than removing and pouring new concrete, a few hours versus days or weeks.
  • No cost or hassle disposing of the old concrete.
  • No difference in the look of the repaired concrete. New concrete does not blend in with the old.

We'll level your concrete sidewalk or walkway and save you money!

Liftec gives you new sidewalks using your old concrete and saves you money! Your new level walkway or sidewalk will look identical.

By choosing Liftec to repair and level your sidewalk or walkway using our lifting and leveling process called mudjacking you never need to worry about new concrete sidewalks or walkways looking different than your existing ones.

It takes years for new concrete to begin to look like your existing concrete. Often the look is so different many people opt to replace everything which is un-necessary and costly.

Raise & level sidewalks, walkways & steps, don't replace them. Mudjacking saves you money.

We raise sunken concrete sidewalks, walkways and steps using mudjacking and polyurethane lifting and leveling.

We'll level your concrete and save you money!

The trip hazard is gone and the walkway is level with each pad meeting each other perfectly. Mudjacking is very precise and can easily be lifted to match an existing concrete pad.