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Stair and Step Mudjacking

Mudjacking will lift and level sunken steps and stairs.

You won’t have to rip out or replace your sunken or uneven concrete step or stairs. It is cheaper, faster and easier to repair your existing step or stairs than to replace them. We raise it up, level it out and help ensure it stays fixed and safe.

Take a look at our before and after mudjacking pictures. We can help you.

This stair and step can be raised and leveled. It is a perfect candidate for mudjacking. Notice the large drop from the sidewalk pad to the first step. This is a trip hazard and allows water entry to further sink the concrete.

After we finished the repair the step and stairs are perfectly aligned, at the correct height, stable and drain properly. Our customer saved thousands of dollars because it was repaired and not replaced. The step and stairs will remain stable for many years. This customer will not need our service again for these steps and stairs.

This concrete step sunk. It made the step onto the patio too high and a trip hazard. We can repair impressed, textured concrete just as easily and well as any poured concrete slab.

After we mudjacked the step it is now perfectly aligned with the patio, it is stable and drains properly. Mudjacking offers very precise control of lifting and leveling.

This entrance step sunk over time. Our customer wanted a lower step height. At the same time they wanted to repair the sunken concrete walk beside the house. Sinking was causing a water drainage problem as well.

The repair went well and both the step and walkway are level, stable and at the correct height for the homeowner.

Mudjacking as a repair for steps and stairs is simply the best and lower cost option for most or all uneven, sunken, wobbly or unstable steps and stairs.